Mikro Kapital Moldova announced about rebranding at the official event
June 14th, 2019
The non-bank credit company Mikro Kapital in Moldova has a new brand identity after six years of activity under the name Credit CMB, demonstrating that it deserves the trust and loyalty of its customers, which is primarily due to a responsible and innovative team.

On June 14, 2019 was announced the rebranding of Mikro Kapital Moldova (ex-Credit CMB) at the official event, attended by the loyal customers of the company, the partners and the international guests, who are part of the top management of Mikro Kapital Group.

Grigory Chorayan, Vice President of the Mikro Kapital Group (Luxembourg), Chairman of the Board of Directors, member of the Supervisory Board of the Microfinance and Factoring Companies in the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia and Tajikistan, has mentioned that the decision f rebranding was taken in order to have the same name as international Group Mikro Kapital, that is present in over 18 countries of the world. On the Moldovan market the company will be named non-bank credit company „Mikro Kapital Company SRL”. Top management of Mikro Kapital is confident that good financial results of the Credit CMB for the past year have paved the way for new approaches and successful projects at the level of the entire financial group, under the new Mikro Kapital visual identity.

Sergiu Turcanu, CEO of Mikro Kapital Moldova said that his team is made up of dynamic people, professionals with extensive experience in lending to small and medium enterprises, applying the advanced technologies of financial institutions from Western Europe. In the world of Microfinance, micro-credit, or credit to micro and small entrepreneurs, represents the real tool for helping people, thanks to responsible financial services, in order for them to realize their dreams and improve their own welfare.

Mikro Kapital's portfolio of the Republic of Moldova includes modern products and services for SMEs, large companies and individuals, through complex business finance and management solutions.

During the event, all participants received gifts from the company, and Mikro Kapital customers participated in the prize draw, and the lucky ones received certificates with credits discounts.

A charity fundraising initiative was also organized to buy fresh fruit for children in the orphanage, and Mikro Kapital donated computers to the "Pro-Femina" Maternity Center in Hincesti and the Nufărul Alb Multifunctional Social Assistance Center in the village Glinjeni, Falesti district. The purpose of this action is happy children and support for domestic agro producers.

Mikro Kapital Moldova can be characterized by three words: transparency, flexibility and speed.

You can find us in the cities: Chisinau, Balti, Soroca, Drochia, Comrat and Edinet, and we will open new branches to be as close as possible to our clients and to strengthen our presence in the Republic of Moldova.

Details on www.mikrokapital.md or visit one of our branches:
Chisinau, str. Puskin 45, block B, et.1, MD 2005, tel .: 0 (22) 62-88-22
Balti, Stefan cel Mare Street 39/3, MD 3100, tel .: 0 (231) 5-92-22
Comrat, Pobeda Street 30/A, MD 3801, tel .: 0 (298) 2-71-11
Soroca, str. Independenţei 75/4, of. 7, MD 3000, tel .: 0 (230) 6-80-82
Drochia, 31 August 1989, 33, et.2, MD 5200, tel .: 0 (252) 6-80-82
Edineţ, str.Independenţei 55/5, MD 4601, tel .: 0 (246) 3-02-22